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Oral Surgery and Wisdom Teeth

We have been practicing oral surgery and wisdom teeth removal for over 40 years. Our team of experienced and caring dentists only use the latest techniques and technologies to perform these procedures at our state-of-the-art clinic.

When do people need to have oral surgery?

There are many situations where people could benefit from oral surgery. These are the most common cases:

  • Impacted teeth: One example are wisdom teeth which are third molars that don’t properly align and can damage surrounding teeth, the jawbone or nerves. Wisdom teeth are often surgically removed.
  • Tooth loss: Dental implants are an option to replace missing teeth as a result of an accident or infection. The implants are surgically anchored in the jawbone and are also a popular alternative dentures.
  • Unequal jaw growth: The upper and lower jaws fail to grow properly for some people which can make it difficult to eat, speak, swallow and breathe. Oral surgery can move all or part of the jaw to a new position that is more balanced.
  • Facial injury repair: Oral surgery is often used to repair fractured jaws or broken facial bones.

There are many other types of cases we treat with oral surgery. Contact us for an initial consultation and we will recommend the best options.

What are wisdom teeth?

Not all wisdom teeth are bad. Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars that most people get in their late teens or early twenties. In fact, sometimes they can even be an asset to the mouth when they are healthy and properly aligned. But most of the time they are misaligned and need to be removed.

Poor alignment of the wisdom teeth can crowd or damage adjacent teeth, the jawbone or nerves. The wisdom teeth are enclosed within the soft tissue, the jawbone or they may partially break through the gum. The break in the gum creates an opening for bacteria to enter around the tooth and cause an infection leading people to feel pain, swelling, jaw stiffness and general illness.

Depending on your case, the dentist may recommend that your wisdom teeth be removed before problems develop to avoid more painful or complicated extraction a few years later. Wisdom teeth removal is easier in youth people when the teeth roots are not yet fully developed and the bone is less dense. The recovery time is longer for older people.

How do I know if I have wisdom teeth?

You can find out about the positioning of your wisdom teeth through periodical X-rays. Once the cosmetic dentist will evaluate presence and alignment of your wisdom teeth and completes a full examination, she or he will go over your treatment options and explain each step of the procedure for your case.

This treatment may sound intimidating, but you don’t have to worry. We ensure that you are as comfortable as possible because we use an individualized combination of anesthesia and sedation.

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At Downsview Dental we have been practicing oral surgery for over 40-years.  Our team of experienced and caring professionals uses only the latest techniques and technologies and can perform many procedures right in the comfort of our state-of-the-art office. We can take care of implant placement for those wishing to find a permanent solution to lost or damaged teeth as well as remove decayed or broken ones. We can even perform many wisdom teeth removal surgeries in-office.