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How Much Does a Dental Crown Cost in Canada?

Your teeth are arguably one of the most import parts of your body. Even though your dental formula only forms a small part of your body, its importance cannot be downplayed. Firstly, not only do they aid you in the manipulation of food but also dramatically improves your speech. For those reasons, you should take magnificent care of your teeth and ensure they are in top-notch condition.

Although you might take every necessary step to take care of your precious teeth, sometimes nature may take its cause, leading to a deformed dental formula. Research shows that teeth deformation is one of the leading reasons as to why people opt for getting dental crowns. However, before embarking on the journey of getting a new dental crown, you first need to find out whether your finances are in line with the associated costs.

What is a Dental Crown and how is it Fixed on Teeth?

Have you ever imagined how a dental crown looks and the manner in which it is fixed into teeth? Well, no need to continue imagining. This piece will provide you with vivid imagery of a dental crown. A dental crown is simply a ‘cap’ that has the same shape as a tooth and is placed over an existing tooth. Simply put, a dental crown is placed to cover the tooth and restore its size, shape, and to improve the tooth’s aesthetics.

What is the Need of Having a Dental Crown?

Once put in place, a dental crown will cover the entire part of the existing teeth, especially the one above and at the gum line. The following situations may warrant you to get a dental crown:

• To restore a broken/damaged tooth
• To make a cosmetic modification for aesthetic purposes
• To protect a weak and vulnerable tooth from breaking
• To cover a dental implant
• To cover misshaped or severely discoloured teeth
• To hold and support a dental bridge in place

Are you aware that a dental crown can also be used in children? If such a scenario happens, it is normally used on the milk teeth to:
• Protect a child’s teeth from imminent decay- this is especially so when a child is unable to keep up with routine oral hygiene.
• Save a badly damaged tooth that can no longer support filling
• Decrease the frequency of using anesthesia on children who cannot fully cope with comprehensive dental care due to age or mental reasons.

What are some of the Types of Crowns Available in the Market?

• Metal Crowns – metals used in dental crown should be those that can withstand the forces of chewing and everyday living. Therefore, those with high platinum or gold content are preferred. Others used may also include alloys of nickel and chromium as well as chromium and cobalt.

• All-resin Crowns – these are cheaper than other types of crowns. However, the major drawback associated with them is that they are prone to fractures as compared to metal crowns.

• Stainless Steel – these are prefabricated crowns that are regularly used as a temporary measure on permanent teeth. When used, the stainless steel serves to protect the teeth while at the same time a permanent and more durable crown is made from another material. In dentistry, stainless steel is mainly used in children. Reason being that children do not need regular dental visits to fix the crown hence making it cost effective.

• All-porcelain or ceramic crowns – if you suffer from metal allergies, then an all-porcelain or ceramic crown is the best for you. Additionally, they are also renowned for their original matching colour with teeth. Their matching colour makes them versatile, thus making them easy to use on either front or back teeth.

What is the typical Dental Crown Cost in Toronto, Canada?

Now that you are well versed with the different types of dental crown, it is only fair that we take you through the associated costs of having one fixed. However, a dental crown cost may vary from one location to the other. Its cost depends on several factors-some of the factors affecting the dental crown cost are:

• Your dentist’s training and experience
• The local/standard rates charged in your locality
• The condition of the affected tooth
• Size and location of the affected teeth.

Although you may urgently need a new dental crown, it is vital to note that crowns that are fixed for cosmetic reasons are not covered by dental insurance. In essence, dental insurance typically covers up to 50% of the total cost if the crown is required for medical reasons. Similarly, dental insurance plans are regulated since the majority of them have annual coverage that limits it to $1,000- $1,500.

What are the Typical Costs for the Various Types of Dental Crowns?

• Metal Crowns- dental crowns that are made of non-noble alloys and those made of high noble metals cost differently. Most dentists will charge you approximately $600-$2500 per tooth. However, the case is different for those without dental insurance cover. Such patients report of instances where they pay about $830-$2465 for the same metal dental crowns.

• Porcelain fused to metal crowns- these are a bit cheaper than metal coated crowns. As such, if you are looking forward to having a dental crown without digging too deep into your pockets, then these are the one for you. They cost around $500-$1500 per tooth for those without dental insurance. On the other hand, CostHelper reported that patients who had dental insurance have a rosy journey since they pay approximately $282-$1000.

• All-porcelain crowns- they require skilled expertise to fix, hence are more expensive than porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns or metal crowns. They average about $800-$3000 for those without a dental insurance cover. Meanwhile, patients who are covered by dental insurance pay approximately $530-$1875, averaging about $953 per tooth.

The Final Word

If you have been contemplating going for a dental crown implant, then you need not worry since the above information will go a long way in helping you. You will already have a rough idea of the different types of dental crowns that are available as well as their respective costs. A dental crown will provide you with numerous benefits that will ultimately overshadow the value of the dental procedure.

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